(Through Professional Development Workshops: In-Person, Remote or Recorded)

*Educational Consultant:

Faculty Development Workshops

*Lessons involving the Integration of music & the arts into multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural lessons

*Career Coaching:

Ed Prep & Career Goals for All Age Levels

*Music Specialist:

Master Classes for Middle School and High School Choirs

Career Coaching:

For: HS Students & Parents:
Choosing a Career Path, Education, Applications

For: Returning Students:
Regarding what Career to Pursue; the Best Paths to Take; Writing a Resume; Writing a Cover Letter; Taking Standardized Tests; Researching Alternative Job Opportunities

For: Retired Persons:
Regarding Possible Jobs or New Careers; the Best Paths to Take; How to Maximize their background and skills

*Faculty Development Workshops Involving:

Incorporating music, art and movement into multi-discipline lessons.

Incorporating music, art and movement into multi-cultural lessons.

Lessons involving class management techniques and differentiated instructional strategies.