Goodbye Phyllis Schlafly: Welcome Dr. Jill Biden and VP Kamala Harris

Procrastination – A Love Story – An Ode to the End of 2020 and My Laziness
December 9, 2020
How to Pursue a Nursing Career: Tips for Men
July 3, 2021 #misogyny#educational elite

If Jill Biden were a man, she’d not only use “Dr.” Jill Biden, but she’d have numerous letters and titles after her name as well.
Shame on you, Joseph Epstein (Prof?Dr? former lecturer? or whatever your title is?) for your chauvinistic remarks; and, thank you Northwestern University, my undergraduate alma mater, for speaking up on Dr. Biden’s behalf. You have helped to expose the misogynistic elitism in education, particularly at the collegiate and university levels. #education#elitism#misogyny


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