Procrastination – A Love Story – An Ode to the End of 2020 and My Laziness

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June 18, 2019
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December 14, 2020



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Procrastination – A Love Story – An Ode to the End of 2020 & my Laziness

(This is a true story; nothing is redacted. I learned the real meaning of this word in the past year, 2020, the year of Covid 19, when portions of lots of documents were redacted, i.e., words were blacked-out.)

(Disclaimer: During the writing of this paper, I may not use all of the Associated Press Rules of Writing; it just seems like too much work to look everything up. Please excuse me. I’m tired already.):

Preface: To Procrastinate:  intransitive verb in Merriem Webster: To put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.

I should be doing the following: cleaning, washing clothes, tidying, making lists, completing all of my tasks, helping my parents, seeing my granddaughter, going to wellness appointments, writing my books, and blogs, etc.

First Page:

I think I’ll leave the first page completely blank. It produces a strong opening statement. The reader and I realize that there is a long road ahead of me as I write this. I would guess that the reader is glad that I’m the one writing this (not them) as it appears to be exhausting to all of us.

Now, I think I may need to take a small break. I’m exhausted already. I’ll meditate a little; not good, I almost fell asleep.

Second Page:

I probably shouldn’t turn on my laptop. I tend to lookat several websites, and many headlines capture my attention. Even though I know that I’m not supposed to click on everything, sometimes I just can’t help myself.

Here is one of my all-time favorites: All of Hollywood Hates_____________ (Fill in the blank) Then, you have to click on all of the blue arrows underneath and to the right to turn to the next page and find out who hates that person and why. They always save the most famous hater until after the last arrow. So, it becomes exhausting clicking on all of those blue arrows. And, sometimes the blue arrows are hidden, so you may click on the wrong arrow and a website pops up that states: “How to lose 100 lbs. in 10 days.” And, when you try to click out of that page, a pop-up appears that begs you to stay and pay them money. “This is your last chance,” they beg….

I’m going to rest a little. That was a lot. It wore me out.

Here’s how the internet gets me (us) while I’m reading the people who hate a famous person. The internet (Google) ?, I’m really not sure who is doing this. But, whoever it is – they have massive, complex alga rhythms, (had to check spelling on that last word), of websites that I personally look at – mainly for shopping, laptop screen shopping (like the old days of window shopping). And, of course, they flash these websites repeatedly, and I’m compelled to click on the picture of that stylish, practical tote bag so that I can look at all of the stylish, practical tote bagsthat are available. I may not have all of them yet.

I feel a little tired again. I may have to take a nap. (My regards to Jim Gaffigan for that last statement; he says that in a lot of his routines. He’s very funny.)

Here are some other headlines that capture my attention and compel me to continue looking. “Do you believe that these 2 people were actually married?” “She used to look like this, you won’t believe how she looks now.” And, of course: ”Plastic surgeries gone wrong.” I think this one is my favorite because it make me feel not so bad about growing older. At least I still have my same face.

Third Page:

This entire past year has been one of procrastination and chronic laziness for me. I retired from 40+ years of teaching a year ago. (I still haven’t sorted, tossed, or given away any of the materials yet.) The Covid 19 Pandemic struck at the beginning of the year.

My daughter gave birth to my first granddaughter in June. (I’ve been tested on 4 different occasions for Covid as I wanted to safely visit my granddaughter in Chicago.)

My parents, both in their 90’s, who live nearby, have required my assistance either with their personal care, doctor visits, operations, or hiring caregivers to assist them. And, I’ve lived for most of the year in a state of suspended animation about the presidential election of Nov. 3; I’m so ready to go forward in a country filled with decency, respect, compassion, and justice for all.

The preceding made me think of Trump and his continuous lies and deception. Joe Biden has won the presidential election, and Trump is still fighting to have the results overturned for his benefit. It’s over!

I’m extremely tired of all of these falsehoods and his endless “tweeting” of nasty remarks to anyone who doesn’t adore him. I’m ready to go forward positively.

This really makes me tired. I’ll try to conclude this humble writing with a poem about hope.

(This of course means that I have to “think” in order to come up with ideas.)

The Poem: It’s time for me to get in gear, and be productive this next year. My laziness has been a curse, but it’s helped me cope as things got worse. I wear my mask, social distance too; I’m doing my part to get us through. And, in order to get up off the couch, I have my incredible granddaughter to think about!

She’s the greatest blessing ever! Gail H Fleming, EdD

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