• Jaye L.
    "...I randomly thought about you this morning. My 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son were singing along with me, quite loudly and unashamed, to “This is me” from The Greatest Showman. As we all sang at the top of our lungs, with the windows down, I thought of you. Twenty years later and your imprint is far reaching."
    Jaye L.
  • Nina S.
    "You know I feel the same about Prof. Fleming, and though I am not a music performer I was given the chance by her and so was my sister. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live a little bit of a dream I wanted.”
    Nina S.
  • Burton K.
    "She is one of the best people I have ever met caring and loving."
    Burton K.
  • Amanda H.M.
    "I love that Gail Hagler Fleming has affected so, so many lives for the better, mine included!"
    Amanda H.M.
  • Chris K.
    "One of my biggest mentors! This incredible woman got me out of my shell and into the arts. She pushed me to the road to become who I am and I will be forever grateful! Thank you for your love and nurturing support!"
    Chris K.
  • Tiffany C.W.
    "Happy Birthday to my favorite and most influential teacher in life. It is because of you that I became a music teacher, and I attribute all those lives that I have been able to touch to the encouragement and support you gave me as a high school music student. Thank you!”
    Tiffany C.W.
  • Alyssa C.
    "Just heard from Gail Hagler Fleming - You don't want to miss seeing our beloved, AMAZING, favorite choir director!"
    Alyssa C.
  • Jeff & Heather S.
    "I love that we have a group dedicated to Gail and all the joy she brought us through music!"
    Jeff & Heather S.
  • Heather W.
    "The Hazelwood Faculty Development Workshop was amazing!! Thanks for sharing with us."
    Heather W.

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